About Us

As a member-based organization, we will offer guidance to the hemp trade on a range of regulatory and policy issues and best practices; the organization will participate on all levels of state-related industry matters-and by extension, help support regional hemp business and support opportunities for our members.


We envision hemp as a robust 21st century industry in the state of Missouri. With industrial hemp set to experience tremendous growth in the United States, we support Missouri as a key voice for our members as we create a sustainable local hemp industry with national and global reach.


We support the development and growth of the Missouri hemp industry through advocacy, education, and business expertise. We are our members’ voice on regulations and laws that impact the vitality of this market in Missouri by representing the interests of all hemp industry stakeholders in the state. This includes, but is not limited to, government entities, hemp businesses, and end users of hemp related products and services.


You can help us continue to drive the Missouri Hemp Industry forward.