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Brooklyn Hill,

Brooklyn Hill, Vice President of the Missouri Hemp Trade Association (MHTA), is a passionate advocate for the hemp industry. Representing Dave’s Doobies, a leading distributor of hemp-derived products in Missouri, she also owns Hillside Herb & Smoke Co., a store focused on natural wellness alternatives. With extensive business experience, Brooklyn promotes the hemp market through education and community engagement, playing a key role in raising awareness, gaining memberships, and supporting MHTA's fundraising efforts. She takes pride in positively impacting lives through hemp education and sales, viewing regulation as both a challenge and an opportunity. As a mother of three and a business owner, Brooklyn brings multitasking, clear communication, and leadership to the board, emphasizing transparency to keep members and stakeholders informed. She is dedicated to building a thriving, regulated hemp industry in Missouri.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



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