Working Together

We are a champion for hemp as a sustainable solution with extraordinary economic, health, social, and ecological benefits.

With the passing of the 2018 Federal Farm Bill and Missouri Hemp Law HB 2034, hemp is back as a commodity that will help boost the farming and business economy of Missouri. Hemp will drive new innovation, touching every aspect of cultivation, processing, manufacturing, retail, and more. We are devoted to supporting the development and growth of the Missouri hemp industry through advocacy, education, and business expertise.


Community & Networking

MoHempTrade is a platform for individuals and businesses to connect, collaborate, advocate, and promote a thriving hemp industry in Missouri. A series of outreach channels including monthly newsletters, community forums, and industry events are designed to bring members and allied businesses together.


Hemp Businesses

Farmers, Processors, Retailers, Distributors, and Manufacturers


Allied Hemp Businesses

Legal, Institutional, Industrial, Research, Marketing, and Associated Hemp organizations



Legislative and Regulatory Bodies of National, State, Regional, and Local Organizations.


The key factor in establishing Missouri’s footprint in this competitive market.

We will provide education in the areas of policy, regulation, cultivation practices, marketing and much more. This site, associated brand communications, and various events will drive education to our members to ensure responsible development of the hemp industry in Missouri.

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