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What Are The Facts Regarding Cannabis-Related Exposure Events?

Today the Missouri Hemp Trade Association released a short position paper detailing exposure reports related to intoxicating cannabinoids and regulation, which can be downloaded at this link.

Missouri Hemp Trade Association Board President Sean Hackmann released the following statement as well:

While the figures from the National Poison Control data are concerning, particularly the 3,358 Delta 8 THC exposures in 2022 and 55% involving individuals under 19, it's essential to view these in the context of responsible use and accidental access. Most incidents are due to edibles left accessible by caregivers, not because of the inherent risks of the products. This highlights the need for more education and safety measures around the use of products.

The increase in adverse exposure reports in Missouri, post-legalization of recreational marijuana, contrasts with the safe distribution of hemp-derived cannabinoids since 2018. With an estimated 42 million Americans using Delta-8 THC in 2022, the reported exposures represent only 0.00008% of usage, suggesting that these products, when used responsibly and as intended, pose a minimal risk to public health.

Our stance as the Missouri Hemp Trade Association is clear: while any overdose report, especially those involving minors, is deeply concerning, this does not constitute a public health emergency but rather an opportunity for improved regulation. We advocate for sensible measures like clear user instructions, prohibiting sales to minors, and rigorous product testing. These steps are crucial for ensuring the safe and responsible use of hemp-derived products, balancing consumer protection with the benefits these products offer.

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