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Sampling Agent Training & Enrollment

In stamping the legality of hemp in the US, testing is a crucial aspect. Is your lab ready to absorb the new requirements?

In order to sample (HI, MO, MS, NC, UT, VT, and WI), you must take USDA's Hemp Sampling Agent initial training. To become a sampling agent for producers licensed by states or tribes, you must contact each state and tribal hemp program and fulfill their training requirements. State and Indian Tribes with an approved plan may require the sampling agents used by their licensed producers to take the USDA training, or they may develop their own custom training. USDA Licensed hemp producers may not act as sampling agents.

The USDA is not hiring individuals to work for the USDA. Sampling Agents operate as independent contractors and they set their own fees for compliance sampling. Sampling Agents are responsible for creating their own forms (billing, data collection, collection acknowledgment, etc.)

USDA's Hemp Sampling Initial Agent Training consists of four lessons. After you complete each lesson, you will need to take the corresponding lesson assessment. You must achieve a score of 80% or higher to pass each assessment. You will receive a certificate of completion and a Sampling Agent ID number upon successfully passing all four assessments.

Prior to being enrolled in the training, you will need to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you currently licensed to grow hemp under a USDA, State, or Tribal hemp production program or employed by an individual or business licensed to grow or process hemp under a USDA, State, or Tribal hemp production program? If yes, provide your license number.

  2. Are you related to a licensee or key participant, or do you reside in the same household as a licensee or key participant? If yes, please provide the USDA with this information.

  3. Are you planning to sample USDA-licensed producers? If yes, please provide a list of the states or tribes where you will be sampling.

  4. Are you planning to sample producers licensed by States or Indian Tribes? If yes, please provide a list of the states or tribes where you will be sampling.

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